Refugee Bus Tour

Stops in Krumpa, Vockerode und Marke

What about the refugee struggle? Right now there is a Bus Tour of refugees and activists through Germany to talk about that issue. (information below)

On the 8th and 9th of may the Bus Tour will come to meet refugees and activists at Lagers in Krumpa, Marke and Vockerode. The Bus Tour wants to meet refugees from the lagers but also to connect with everybody who is interested in the issue of refugee struggle.

On these days we are going to discuss and exchange knowledge and experiences about the last 3 years of fighting against unjustice commited to refugees and the refugee policy in Germany. We will connect each other, share experiences, have information about the new restrictive asylum- law, develop strategies how to continue.....

Everybody who wants to join us is invited to come!

8th May: Krumpa
When: from around 13:00
Where: Lager in Krumpa, Schortauer Weg 22 and afterwards at AJZ Krumpa, Wallstrasse 87a, 06242 Krumpa (near to the sportfield)

9th may: Vockerode, Marke
When: 8:00 o'clock, we take breakfast together and then we drive to the camps
Where: Halle at VL, Ludwigstrasse 37
→ 10:00 Marke
→ 14:00 Vockerode

Furthermore, the Bus Tour needs to borrow another bus for some days to join the activities . So if you know a bus that could be borrowed, please contact us. Also drivers are needed at any time, so if one of you could join us for some days as a driver, come to the meeting or contact us via email:

Find more information about the bus tour here.