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• 13.08.2014 The Landgericht of Sachsen-Anhalt ruled that the detention of Oranienplatz activist Badra Ali Diarra in deportation jail was illegal. asylstrikeberlin

• 05.08.2014 L'abus de la Police Sachsen Anhalt: Séquestration et abus de pouvoir contre un réfugier Oumarou Hamani Ousman/ Police abuse in Sachsen anhalt: Forcible confinement and abuse of power against a refugee Oumarou Hamani Ousman Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen-Anhalt

• 27.06.2014 Actual standing of the situation of refugees in Burg, Jerichowerland Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen-Anhalt

• 26.06.2014 Paying for German Residenzflicht means legitimation of Apartheid rule the voice forum

• 29.05.2014 Report on refugees meeting on 27.05.2014 in Burg the caravan

• Refugees meeting in Burg Camp on 27.5.2014 Jerichower Land Sachsen Anhalt. Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen-Anhalt

• 02.03.2014 Sachsen Anhalt: Refugees are strongly raising an awareness on repressions, persecutions, and attacks : A refugee jumped out of his widow on 26.02.2004 in Burg (Lager) Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen-Anhalt

• 28.02.2014 One year Lampedusa in Hamburg - No Peace for the Senate of Hamburg! lampedusa-hamburg.info

• 23.01.2014 Thueringen: Roma family deported from Rockensußra (Kyffhäuserkreis) on January 15th 2014 the voice forum

• 25.11.13 Camp urgently threatened by eviction + District mayor Monika Herman/Greens bears responsibility + Press conference on 25.11., 2 p.m. / Oranienplatz + Support needed!asyl strike berlin

• 21.11.13 Dessau-Rosslau : Stop the deportation of ISSA NAIMI Moutawakilou Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen-Anhalt

• 24.10.13 Fax campaign for security. Recognition of human rights activist Salomon Wantchoucous asylum! 12 years of repression is enough! the voice forum

• 23.09.13 Hundreds of Refugees left to die in the Tunisian desert chouchaprotest.noblogs

• 22.09.13 Bitterfeld: Racist menaces and insults on a refugee Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen-Anhalt

• 30.07.13 PM Refugees Demonstration in Bitterfeld on 01.08.2013, 10:30 am meeting point Bitterfeld Train station Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen-Anhalt

• 25.07.13 Report: Refugees meeting in an isolated Camp of Harbke on 22.07.2013 Sachsen Anhalt Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen-Anhalt

• 09.07.13 Report: Refugees from different regions in Sachsen-Anhalt held a successful meeting on 05.07.2013 in Bitterfeld. the caravan

• 26.06.13 Report on the court hearing of Human right activist Salomon Wantchoucou on the 3rd of June 2013 in Halle/S. the caravan

• 20.05.2013 Refugees demand for the permanent closure of the isolated Camp of Friedersdorf and Marke and and say stop to the racist, primitive and harmful behaviours, of the head of the Camp. Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen-Anhalt

• 04.05.2013 Enough is enough! We demand an automatic release of Sani Adams ! Saizon Cosmo from Benin had died. Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• 29.12.12 Suicide attempt by a Somalia refugee in Vockerode, Lutherstadt Wittenberg Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• 28.12.12 Solidarity Message to the Brothers and Sisters in the Refugee Protest Camp in Vienna following the eviction of the Camp asylstrikeberlin

• 24.12.12 Cop gets fine in the fire burning murder of Oury Jalloh uhurunews

• 20.12.12 Oury Jalloh: German policeman fined for asylum seeker bed death the voice forum

• 20.12.12 Foreigners’ Office of Wittenberg defeated in the social court of Dessau-Roßlau on 14.12.2012 the caravan

• 22.11.12 Handover of declaration paper to the responsible authorities of Bitterfeld Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• 05.11.12 Refugees united on 04.11.2012 in Bitterfeld, Sachsen Anhalt against injustice/Les refugies se unifient le 04.11.2012 en Bitterfeld, Sachsen Anhalt contre l´injustice Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• Start 08.09.12 Refugee Protest March from Würzburg to Berlin! the caravan

• 20.08.12 Xenophobia in office, Landkreis wittenberg, Sachsen Anhalt Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• 20.08.12 A call to join the Refugee Protest March project to Berlin the voice forum

• 10.08.12 Break Isolation – Refugee Protest March from Würzburg to Berlin! the voice forum

• 06.07.12 Deportation Alarm!!! The foreign office of Wittenberg is menacing again 3 African refugees from Republic of Benin with deportation treats. Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• 09.06.12 : 220 names and some questions about the silence around them randnotizen.steirischerherbst.at

• 21.05.12 Refugees in Möhlau are demanding for their legal right to be respected (Landkreis Wittenberg) Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• 16.04.12 Continuos intimidation of human rights activist Salomon Wantchoucou by the foreigners office of Wittenberg the caravan

• 08.04.12 Banga's Successful Health Treatment in Danger: "Blind Banga" - Maybe I can see again the caravan

• 04.04.12 Report about the hearing of human right activist Salomon Wantchoucou in Amtgericht Dessau, february 24th, 2012 the caravan

• 11.01.12 Germany's Stephen Lawrence - How can lessons from the Lawrence case be applied to that of Oury Jalloh, who was burned to death in a German police cell seven years ago? Institute of Race Relations

10.01.12 German police terrorists brutally beat Africans memorializing police murder victim! Africans have a right to resist! Stop police terrorism against the African community! uhurunews

• 13.10.11 Repression and indirect persecution on innocent refugees in Wittenberg Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• 03.10.11 Refugees questioning at local parliament in Wittenberg the caravan

• 28.09.11 An Overview of "The VOICE" Agenda - Break the Refugee Isolation Camps in the Neighbourhoods the caravan

• 04.09.11 Report on the manifestation held in Wittenberg on 30.08.2011 Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• 04.09.11 Support the campaign to resist the arrest of Miloud L. Cherif because of "Residenzpflicht" - Refugee movement restriction the voice forum

• 18.08.11 Open letter to the Minister of foreign affairs of Benin concerning colaboration with German deportation authorities link

• 03.08.11 Refugees denounce and criticise the negative interpretation of the laws by the competent authority in Wittenberg. Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• 24.07.11 Refugees in Möhlau preferd to be in Wittenberg than in Vockerode. Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• 06.07.11 The position of Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau Wittenberg towards the decision of the local government parliament of Wittenberg. link

• 19.05.11 Refugees Isolation Camp in Gangloffsömmern will be closed - District Sömmerda is quicker than The VOICE the caravan

• 05.05.11 Victim of Menance and Racial attack in Bitterfeld Train station on 04.05.2011 arround 00:30 to 1:08 midnight. Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• Kundgebung 02.05.11 start: 3pm at the Alten Bahnhof 3, Wittenberg "Vote no to isolation and say yes to intergation in Wittenberg" Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• 12.04.11 Pressinformation: Relocation in Wittenberg instead of Renovation in Möhlau Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• 09.03.11 Declaration: Freedom, not Frontex w2eu.net

• 18.01.2011 Building controle in Möhlau Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• 16.01.2011 Sufferings of refugees in Möhlau/Wittenberg Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

Initiative in Gedenken an Oury Jalloh
Break the silence
Stop racist police brutality !
In memory of Oury Jalloh who died six years ago

January 7th, 2011 demonstration in Dessau
                    - 2pm start of the demonstration, main station
January 8th, 2011 demonstration in Magdeburg
                    - 1pm start of the demonstration, main station
January 12th, 2011 beginning of the trial
                    - Picket and food for everybody from 9am on, court Magdeburg, Halberstädter Str. 8 call for actions

• 29.11.2010 The Grass-root role of refugees self Organisation Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• 27.10.10 Rights Displaced - Forced Returns of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians from Western Europe to Kosovo human rights watch

• 18.10.10 Press: Delay and foot-dragging of the District court of Magdeburg in the case of Oury Jalloh by The VOICE & Plataforma the voice forum

• 16.10.10 Group 4 Murder Jimmy Mubenga during Deportation no-racism

• 14.10.10 The campaign for justice in the case of Oury Jalloh continues! the caravan

• 11.10.10 The opinion of the refugees in Wittenberg district Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• 17.09.10 Iranian refugees continue their struggle for Asylum in Athens w2eu.net

• 11.09.10 Deportation of Roma Immigrants by French Authorities is Illegal no-racism

• 09.09.10 We do not want an open Meeting- says Mrs Alger fluechtlingsbc

• 09.08.10 Mass grave of refugees in Evros uncovered Welcome to Europe

• 06.08.10 Resident permit for a political and human right activist Salomon Wantchoucou !
Stop "Sammelvorführung in Berlin"! the caravan

• 02.08.10 Stop deportation of Hussein Karimyon the caravan

• 26.07.10 Refugees expect change from the Christian Lutherstadt Wittenberg Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau/Wittenberg

• 08.07.10 Norway: Refugee camp burned down to the ground after riot no racism

• 28.06.10 The expression of the victims themselves during the manifestation in Wittenberg the caravan

• 20.06.10 Death by Policy - The Fatal Realities of "Fortress Europe" united against racism
- 13824 Deaths -List of 13824 documented refugee deaths through 'Fortress Europe' pdf (523 KB)

• 03.06.10 Refugees in Wittenberg demand for change, freedom and solidarity and expressing their Feelings through the caravane-Festival in Jena 4-6 juni 2010 refugee initiative Möhlau

• 28.05.10 Refugee camps and its effect towards the lives of innocent refugees the caravan

• 23.05.10 Brutality against migrants: action at Libyan embassy in Paris - and everywhere? no-racism

• 22.05.10 Stop deportation of lesbian film maker Kiana Firouz to Iran the caravan
Sign Petition against Kiana Firouz deportation petitiononline

• 18.05.10 Karawane Festival: Unite Against Social Exclusion - No Lager! No Residenzpflicht! the voice forum

• 17.04.10 Let us overcome the fear and gain freedom! Come to Karawane-Festival from 4 - 6 Jnue in Jena the voice forum

• 17.03.10 Refugees from wittenberg want their liberty and freedom and say no to isolation! the caravan

• 26.02.10 Flüchtlingsinitiative Möhlau Wittenberg appreciate the second visit of administration representatives of the competent authorities of Dessau and Wittenberg to Möhlau Lager on 24.2.2010. read more (htm)

• 14.02.10 Open letter to the competent commission in charge of refugees housing condition in the local government of Wittenberg. the caravan

• 10.02.10 Würzburg Court Trail, Ottostrasse 5, 8.40 Uhr: Prosecution of Osaren Igbinoba´s protest against Police Racist control in the train the caravan

• 07.02.10 Report by the KARAWANE Hamburg group after the Demonstration in Remembrance of Oury Jalloh on the 7th of January 2010 the caravan

• 05.02.10 We are in solidarity with the refugees in Hauzenberg, Passau Refugee Initiative Möhlau

• 21.01.2010, Open letter of protest against voucher system in KSA Wittenberg Refugee Initiative Möhlau

• 30.12.09 Stop Deportation: We demand the immediate release of Kevin Ikechukwu from the Deportation Prison the voice forum

• 30.12.09 Germany: The Central Call to The Caravan Festival from 4th - 6th June 2010 in Memory of the Dead Victims of Fortress Europe the voice forum

• 23.12.09 Libya: More Oil, Less Migrants
Immigration from Libya to Italy in 2009 has decreased by 90 per cent, compared to 2008. no-racism

• 20.12.09 Stop persecuting activist now ! the caravan

• 18.12.09 Solidarity to refugees living in an isolated camp of the local government of Börde Refugees Initiative Möhlau

• 23.11.09 A protest to federale office of Emigration and refugees and the competent foreing Office to stop the practices of the so called Embassy hearing! Refugee Initiative Möhlau

• 14th of Novembre - Demonstration Call for the shut down of the Lager Möhlau & decentral accommodation in Wittenberg
read more (htm)

• The result of the podium discussions on 3rd November, Refugees Initiative Möhlau read more (htm)

• Calais No Borders Update Nov/Oct 2009 no-racism

• 16.10.09, Solidarity-Declaration of the Refugee Initiative Möhlau with the Antiracist Actiondays in Berlin read more (htm)

• 30.09.09, Isolation-Lager: Info from the Refugee Initiative Möhlau read more (htm)

• Wednesday 9. to Sundy 13. September 2009 in Jena UNITE AGAINST COLONIAL INJUSTICE - Caravan Platform on Colonial in Injustice with Pre-tribunal the voice forum

• 7th of September, Stop deportations to Greece - suspend Dublin II! no border camp lesbos

• 1st of September 2009, Refugees initiative Möhlau, Repressions towards innocent refugees - is it justified? read more (htm)

• 1st of September 2009, In 15 pictures the evidence of tortures against refugees in Libya forstress europe

• 25th of August 09, Report on the deportation of Felix Otto the voice forum

• 19th of August 09, Foreigners' Office Wittenberg Tries to Extort Passports and Proofs of Identity until 11th of September 2009
read more (htm)

• 25th of July 09, Why Felix Otto Is In Prison: A Thesis on Colonial Injustice and Crimes Against Humanity in Germany the voice forum

• 18.07.09 Forced labour and tortures for Eritreans deported from Libya forstress europe

• 16.07.09, refugee initiative Möhlau, deportation threaten after the death of Azad read more (htm)

• 19.06.09, The 'Fortress Within': Restriction of Movement and Refugee Self-Organisation link

• 9th of June 09, Salomon Wantchoucou: Stop further intimidations of the refugee Activist and Speaker of the Refugee Initiative in Möhlau -lager the caravan

• 4th of June 09, On Colonial Injustice and the Continuity of Barbarity in Germany the voice forum

• 22th of May 09, Petition: Call for an independent commission to investigate the causes leading up to the death of Oury Jalloh the voice forum

• Conclusion of a refugee-meeting in the lager of Möhlau at the 5th of Aprtil 09
Letter of Protest from the Lager in Möhlau read more (htm)

• 19th of April 09, The VOICE of the DEAD and those still going to DIE - by Yufanyi Movuh Mbolo the voice forum

• WARNING! 2nd of April will be a deportation-hearing with the Nigirian-Embessy-Delegation in the ZAST Halberstadt
Warningflyer for potential affected - PDF

• 10th of March 09, "GUTSCHEIN" -- STOP IT NOW! Call from Salomon, Möhlau and pictures from the Lager where he must live read more (htm)

• 6th of 09, The Protest of The VOICE Refugee Forum, By Salomon W. from the Refugee Heim in Möhlau (Sachsen-Anhalt)
On behalf of The Caravan for the rights of Refugees and Migrants in Germany - Nationwide Meeting 30.01 - 01.02.2009 in Hamburg the voice forum

• 22th of January 09, Nollywood Spezial "The Asylum" VL/Ludwigstr. 37/Halle read more (htm)

• 5th of January 09, PR: 4th Year Memorial of Oury Jalloh Murder in Dessau Police Cell No. 5 - Demonstration on January 7, 2009 link

• 18th of December 08, English Press about the Oury Jalloh Case
- Middle East Times: African killed by racist German police?
- DPA: Appeal Court to Hear German Police Racism Claim, German Police Officers Cleared of Prisoner's Death
- wsws: Court acquits police officers implicated in asylum-seeker's death link

• 12th of December, APC/African People Convention, Police Brutality and Oury Jalloh Case of Injustice in Germany link

• 22nd of November 2008 at 5pm "Get Out Of Isolation" lecture, exhibition, fashion show and soliparty read more (htm)

• 22nd of November 2008 at 14pm The VOICE Refugee Workshop in Halle, Triftstr. 19a the voice forum

• 9th of November 2008, Saxony-Anhalt: Salomom Wantchoucou's deportation threat the voice forum

• Call for protest against the deportation interviews at the 14th of August 08 in Halberstadt read more (htm)

• Februrary 2008, Plans for Asylum Seekers' Camp at the GU-ZAST Halberstadt
Drastic Worsening of Refugees' Living Conditions in Saxony-Anhalt read more (htm)

• In memory of John William, a refugee who lived one and a half year in the deportation camp Halberstadt and died on 04th of April 2004
Memorial vigil from 29th 2 pm to 30th of May 2006
30th of May 2006 Demonstration in Magdeburg read more (htm)